home-2We provide medical care for dogs, cats, avian species, exotic animals and pocket pets. We are a full service veterinary clinic located at 103 Broadmoor Boulevard in Lafayette, Louisiana. We offer services in medicine, soft tissue and orthopedic (bone) surgery, laser surgery, nutritional counseling, behavioral counseling, radiology (X-rays), dentistry, as well as specialty referral if the need arises. We also offer routine wellness care for all pet life stages including regular examinations, vaccinations, and internal and external parasite control.

High quality medical and surgical care is our goal. We are pleased to announce the use of CO2 Laser Surgery as an option in most surgical procedures. We are one of few veterinary clinics in Lafayette, Louisiana to offer Laser Surgery. Laser technology is one more way we stay on the cutting edge to offer your pet the most advanced and current medical care available. See our Services page for more information. We offer boarding and grooming as well to meet the comprehensive needs of our clients. Please see our Services Page for more detailed information.



service-1High quality, comprehensive medical care is our goal. We offer this care through many services such as:

  1. Wellness Exams for all Lifestages of your Dog, Cat, Bird, Rodents and Reptiles.
  2. Immunizations and routine internal and external parasite control checks.
  3. Maintenance Care for Exotics and Avians such as wing and nail trims, husbandry counseling and vaccines when necessary.
  4. Senior Profile labwork diagnostics for our pets who are in their senior years- (8 years or over).
  5. Full Service Hospitalization with diagnostic capabilities including bloodwork, laboratory services, radiology, electrocardiography, and tonometry (for glaucoma check), artificial insemination, pregnancy testing, as well as behavioral consultations when needed.
  6. Flavor Rx- Pet Medication Flavoring System to increase pet compliance when taking medications.
  7. Microchip Pet Identification system as recommended by the Louisiana State Government for all pets living in Lousiana. Microchipping is offered to all surgery patients as a convenience. It can be done with an awake animal as well. Ask our receptionist to find out more.
  8. Referral to specialty practices and telemedicine consultations with specialists are offered on an as needed basis. We have access to veterinary specialists in all areas of medicine and surgery at the stroke of a key using our Veterinary Information Network, as well as the LSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital located one hour away, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
  9. End of Life Services including humane euthanasia and aftercare.


  1. Routine Surgeries such as ovariohysterectomies (spay), castrations, tail docking, and early  dewclaw removal on certain breeds, to name a few. These surgeries are best performed with the CO2 Laser.
  2. Non- Routine Surgeries such as mass removals, laceration repairs, orthopedic surgery, abdominal exploratories and eye surgeries. Many of these surgeries are best performed with the CO2 Laser.
  3. CO2 Laser: Our clinic focuses on using the latest technologies available. We offer CO2 Laser Surgery as an option for all surgical procedures. We are one of two veterinary clinics in Lafayette, Louisiana to offer this specific type of laser. This cutting edge technology is what our clients want for their pets. We recommend it for all surgeries because it reduces bleeding and seals nerve endings which decreases pain perception and decreases swelling. The results are quicker return to normal function for your pet.
  4. In order to reduce the anesthetic risk with any of our elective procedures, we strongly recommend pre- operative bloodwork and EKG to check your pet?s vital organ function.
  5. We also have an extensive pain management program in-place to help to alleviate the pain and discomfort your pet may experience after surgeries. This program includes pre-operative and post-operative pain injections as well as take home medications to control discomfort.
  6. Monitoring All surgeries have intravenous catheters, intravenous fluids, and core body temperature, EKG, pulse oximetry, and respiratory rate monitoring throughout the entire anesthetic procedure.



80-85% of animals presented to veterinary clinics have some form of periodontal disease. If left untreated, this disease process of the mouth can lead to systemic disease, of which the most common type is bacterial valvular endocarditis. We highly stress routine home dental care as a means of preventing or delaying periodontal disease. Twenty five years of experience have shown us that animals with clean oral cavities have an average 3-7 year longer life spanscaler. We also perform extractions when necessary. Many extractions fall under the category of oral surgery, and we are very aggressive with pain management in these cases.



service-4As a convenience for our clients, we are pleased to offer climate controlled boarding for dogs, cats and some exotic species. We have a large shaded yard for your pet to exercise in and large runs and kennels for their spacious comfort. They are attended by an outstanding group of kennel workers who focus on their every need and alert our veterinary staff immediately should any problem arise. Dogs and Cats have separate boarding areas. While boarding, many of our clients will have their pet?s grooming or medical needs attended to as well. We ask that you please schedule any needed procedures or grooming with our courteous front desk staff when you call to set your boarding appointment.



Brenda Bordelon has twenty years of grooming experience on cats and dogs. She does an outstanding job with all breed cuts and will take special requests on different cut types. Every groom includes a nail trim and ear cleaning and she will express anal glands if requested. She has an assortment of bows and ribbons to add that little extra touch to your pet?s appearance. We offer the option of tranquilization when necessary to make grooming a more relaxed experience for your anxious pet. Please call to schedule an appointment.