“All things bright and beautiful. All creatures great and small. All things wise and wonderful. The Lord God made them all.” 

-C.F. Alexander 


As a convenience for our clients, we are pleased to offer temperature-controlled boarding for dogs, cats and some exotic species. We have a large, shaded yard for your pet to exercise in and large runs and kennels for their spacious comfort. They are attended by an outstanding group of kennel workers who focus on their every need and alert our veterinary staff immediately should any problem arise. Dogs and Cats have separate boarding areas. While boarding, many of our clients will have their pet’s grooming or medical needs attended to as well. 

Boarding Requirements

All boarding guests must be up to date on vaccinations. If your pet requires any vaccinations before staying with us, we are happy to provide the vaccines for an additional fee. We recommend having any of your pet’s needed vaccinations at least a week before their stay with us.

For Dogs:

We will require your dogs to be

up to date on the following

For Cats:

We will require your cats to be

up to date on the following