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-C.F. Alexander 

Pet Dentistry

80-85% of animals presented to veterinary clinics have some form of periodontal disease. If left untreated, this disease process of the mouth can lead to systemic disease, of which the most common type is bacterial valvular endocarditis. We highly stress routine home dental care as a means of preventing or delaying periodontal disease. Twenty-five years of experience have shown us that animals with clean oral cavities have an average 3-7 year longer life span.

Important Pet Dental Information

Dental disease is painful for your pet and potentially dangerous, as the bacteria that causes it can move to other parts of the body from the mouth. 

Signs of Dental Disease:

If you notice any of these warning signs, set up an appointment at Broussard Veterinary Clinic as soon as possible. Preventative care is also important to help ensure that your pet stays healthy, and this includes wellness checkups, dental cleanings, and sometimes at-home care such as brushing or providing dental chews designed for oral health.


Dental Cleanings

In some cases, we may recommend a dental cleaning if your pet’s gum and tooth health is in need of some additional care. At dental cleanings, we’ll provide a deep scrub of tartar and plaque to help your pet return to a better baseline of oral health. In some cases, such as if dental disease has progressed, we may be required to remove certain teeth.

We’ll always discuss exactly what our recommendation is with you before a dental cleaning, and make sure that you have a complete understanding of your pet’s oral health and why we recommend certain actions such as cleanings or in some cases, the removal of a tooth.

Dental Radiography

Many of the problems that can have the most serious effects on your pet’s oral health (and overall health) occur out of sight, below the gumline. Each of our patients receive  dental x-rays (radiography) prior to their cleaning to ensure our team can see  what’s happening beyond what the naked eye can show us.

While dental  radiography is minimally invasive, and non-surgical, it is performed under  anesthesia as pets can be sensitive and protective of their mouths— particularly in cases when they’re experiencing pain or discomfort.


At-Home Care

While the services we provide at Broussard Veterinary Clinic, such as dental examinations or cleanings, may be important, they represent a small part of what will be necessary to keep your pet’s mouth, teeth, and gums healthy. At-home care is essential, but you’re not alone in figuring out what our pet needs. Our team will outline exactly the care regimen, products, and changes that should occur at home— but it will be up to you as an owner to be vigilant in giving your pet the oral at-home care they need to be healthy, happy, and pain-free.

Why Choose Us

Our approach to dental care is designed not only to treat existing oral problems but also to help prevent periodontal disease from ever developing.